How to Create Heaven on Earth by Dr.Bruce Lipton

I love the video. We do this “choice” and “rewrite” in toe reading sessions 🦶✨      



You tubeでは、「自動翻訳」で、「日本語」をセレクトすると、字幕で見れますよ。

この投稿の一番下に、you tube リンクを入れるので、コピーペーストして観て下さい🍀







トウーリーディング では、まさにこれを、行います🦶✨

Take your power back❤️✨

You are very powerful❤️✨

Almost everybody has the same wishes and desires to be in Love❤️✨to be happy🌈 ✨to be healthy 🍀✨to be peaceful 🕊✨that's standard wish and desire of everybody and if we all lived with those wishes and desires this planet change overnight🌏💫 we will have harmony🧡 ✨we would peace 🌸✨we would have nature community environment🌳 ✨❤️ but until we change those subconscious programs and we become victims of the program and not creators of our life and when this is understood and people can say wait I have a choice I say you do 👍 you can play the programs you're playing or you can rewrite those programs and take power back and that's our destination 🕊🙌🌏✨🌈💫🙏✨ You can go You Tube by clicking above picture.

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