​       Origin;Japan

       Method of extraction:Steam distillation


         Add 5-7 drops  to your diffuser or oil burner.

         Add 5 drops to Bath

      Major constituents

     A typical chemical composition of Hinoki Essential Oil: a-pinene (38.27%), β-pinene(3.57%)

     Myrcene(3.17%), D-limonen(4.71%)、p-cymene(0.57%)

     Propotion (20℃) 0.883

     Refractive index(20℃)1.48


Hinoki is also known as Japanese Cypress. The essential oil has the remarkable ability to naturally kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus and is used for relaxing effects on the body to help relieve tension and stress. Hinoki wood is also used for building temples and Shinto shrines in Japan. The Japanese especially love bath tubs made from Hinoki because they have a purifying and relaxing effect on the body and mind.



The Hinoki oil we provide is from Yoshino town, located in the Nara prefecture in Japan.


Yoshino town has been known as a forestry area for a long time.

In Japan, We use Hinoki and other woods for housingConstraction, however due to house modernization woods consume become less and it iscausing decrease in mountain specialists.

 In the past there were lots of mountain specialists and they looked after the environment however the mountain specialists almost gone and the skills is not  taken over neither

The mountains are now dilapidated.

That’s why they needed to think for regional activation


There are lots of sawmills at there. Each sawmills have speciality, for example, one has camphor tree and one has Japanese cedar and my one is from Hinoki sawmill. For protecting the mountain, thinning is very important. If we do not cut the excess woods, woods can not obtain much sunlight and thus leading to lack of nutrition. Timber from forest thinning is used effectively for using building house and making chopsticks and also used for traditional wood arts and essential oils.  One day sawmill people distill Hinoki essential oil and the water from the heart wood and found that it was very good for our body and mind.