These artisan-made glass oil-diffusing pendants employ a unique design that enables essential oils to be carried while slowly diffusing subtle healing aromas wherever you go, all daylong. An open air hole allows the oils to gently diffuse as the pendant is worn.

Use the syringe, which is included in the purchase, to add a few drops of essential oil into the tiny hole of the pendant.

The Japanese silk cord that carries the leaf-shaped glass pendant is very gentle for all skin types.

Your pendant is easily cleaned,refreshed by ethanol and ready to be filled with new oil. The pendant can be worn on special occasions or for your personal enjoyment. 


Please take special care of this pendant as it is made with glass, and used with full strength pure essential oils. 

Wear it with caution and love. 

     Hand-made by artisan glassartist  in Northern beach


                                     Glass Artist  Mai Akechi    


She love surfing and goes to beach every morning

Her inspirations from Natural wonders of beautiful Australia                            

Her other products available at Manly Art Gallery Musium


Here is Mai's  HP called maimai glass.